Hello. This is our website. We made it (actually Corie made it and Andy watched and provided backrubs). We like doing stuff in the mountains.


In August of 2014, we started our “A Mountain A Month” project, mostly as a joke, with the goal of climbing a unique mountain in the Cascade Range every month for a year.  After reaching 13 summits in 12 months, we chose to take the project to the next level by pursuing new mountains or unique routes each month, with a renewed focus on link-ups, traverses, and speed ascents.  In addition to our pursuits in the mountains, we also spend a lot of time rock climbing and we both enjoy participating in road and trail races, as individuals and as a team.

We are always looking for exciting opportunities to push our limits and go on new adventures.  Neither of us climb for bragging rights or to "tag a new summit;" we climb because we enjoy the process, the experience, and the changes we find in ourselves whenever we're spending time in the alpine, at the crag, or on a beautiful trail leading into the unknown.  Our goal with this site is to help document our experiences in hopes that we can better educate climbers using our best practices, while helping to provide ourselves with a diary chronicling our growth and development as humans in the natural world.


Andy loves working on cars, building furniture, and gardening. Corie loves riding her horse, experimenting with vegan baking, and reading anything she can get her hands on.


Like true weekend warriors, we work full-time– Andy as a fish biologist, working to protect and restore native fish populations, and Corie as a writer, bouncing between freelance projects and work with Nike.

© 2018 by The Elective Mountain Refugees. 

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