"A Mountain A Month" Project

In August of 2014, Corie suggested to Andy, mostly as a joke, that they climb one volcano every month for an entire year. Andy agreed (with some unspoken skepticism) and the "A Mountain A Month" was born. With the goal of climbing a unique mountain in the Cascade Range every month for one year, we purchased a couple guidebooks and loaded up on snacks. 

Although we both had previous rock climbing experience and Andy had done some basic mountaineering, we were not particularly well-versed in alpine techniques. We learned a lot about watching the weather and the avalanche forecast, staying flexible with scheduling, and we ultimately discovered a multitude of options for year-round mountaineering in Cascades. Each success and failure delivered memorable experiences and a laundry-list of 'lessons learned' as we traveled between Washington, Oregon, and California.

After completing the original goal of 12 summits in 12 months, we chose to continue the project until we had climbed every volcano in the Cascades.

On this page, we list every volcano in the order we climbed them, starting with South Sister in August 2014 and ending with Mount Rainier in July 2016. We feel that our progression was gradual, played to our strengths and also helped us gain enough experience to accomplish each goal as we set it.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions about our experience. We are happy to help!

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